Tuition & Financial Aid

There are a number of different sources from which qualified families may receive tuition assistance to send their children to St. Mary’s School.

Tuition Policy

Please click here to download the St. Mary School Tuition Policy for 2022-2023.

Anchor of Hope

The Anchor of Hope Scholarship Fund was established in 2001 to allow more families of modest means the opportunity to send their children to the Rhode Island Catholic school of their choice. All scholarship assistance is based solely on need and is awarded to students enrolled in or seeking to enroll in schools of the Diocese of Providence without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, or creed. Children do not need to reside in particular neighborhoods or cities to apply for or receive financial aid.

The Anchor of Hope Scholarship Fund makes awards to the neediest of students in the amounts of $1,800 and $3,500 for elementary and secondary schools, respectively. Individuals interested in applying for these need-based scholarships should speak with their Catholic school principal in January. Awards are made in the spring for use in the academic year that begins in September.

Awards are made possible by the generous donations of corporations, foundations, and individuals – and a tireless group of volunteers who are committed to the education of our children. Contributions are welcome and encouraged.

Other Sources of Tuition Assistance

The Diocese of Providence believes that children from all walks of life should have access to a Catholic education. To affect this, the Diocese administers a tuition assistance program for children from families of modest means in grades K-12. All Diocesan aid is given on the basis of demonstrated need. Need is assessed by a third-party provider, FACTS Management.

The sources for tuition assistance funds include: The Diocesan Annual Catholic Charity Drive, the Bishop Russell J. McVinney Fund for the Poor, the Callahan Family Endowment Fund, the Constant Smith Memorial Fund, the Donald F. Lyons Endowment Fund, the Fleet/Bonanza Endowment, the Frances Warde Endowment Fund, the Mary C. & Edward T. Hogan Scholarship Endowment Fund, the Textron Endowment, the Charles J. Donnelly Endowed Scholarship Fund, the Vision of Hope Tuition Assistance Endowment, the Eleanor McMahon Endowed Scholarship Fund, the Collette Vacations Fund, the Lawrence and Vera Barone Endowment Fund, and the Raymond and Angelique Vadnais Scholarship Fund.

How to Apply

To apply for tuition assistance, families should complete a tuition assistance application and submit it to our needs-assessment provider, FACTS Management. Applications can be obtained at the FACTS Management website,, or at any Catholic school within the Diocese of Providence. One application is sufficient for all siblings attending Catholic schools, K-12. Awards are not renewable, so families must re-apply each and every year.

The deadline for completing and submitting an application for tuition assistance in anticipation of the upcoming school year is February 9th.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.